Black rear projection foil

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Black rear projection foil

  • Light weight
  • High contrast ratio & Wide viewing angle
  •  Easy to install & remove (Self-adhesive type)
  •  Saving cost
  •  Rear&Front eye-catcher
  •  No hot spot
  •  Available in 1.52x1m,1.52x5m…1.52×30.5m etc.
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Our company provide a wide variety of  hi-definition rear projection films that create stunning images with vibrant and unsurpassed image quality. Combine any of our rear projection films with an interactive touch foil to create a thru-glass touch screen.

We will also custom cut screens into various shapes and sizes, and larger screen can be created by seaming multiple pieces together. Our rear projection films gradient from clear to opaque black (Black rear projection foil), and samples are available by request.

Not only do we carry some of the best looking films available, but we also have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you decide what film will work best for your project.

What is a rear projection film? Rear projection film is a flexible film, similar to a heavy vinyl, with an adhesive backing for an easy peel and stick application to glass or acrylic. These screens have been optimized for amplifying the light thrown from the projector and creating the crispest, Hi-Def images available.

Main feature:

◆ It is an adhesive film, Can be applied to glass or rigid & clear acrylic panels to create easily-portable displays.

◆ Can display vivid and clear images with remarkable brightness and excellent color reproduction.

◆ The film has no seams, grids or pixels to decrease the image quality.

◆ Perfectly suitable for Videos, DVD and data projection.

◆ Performs exceptionally well even in high ambient lighting or bright daylight conditions.

◆ The screen is available up to 120” wide and gain of 4.0.

◆ The easy-to-install screens can be hung in free space in high-light environments with the projector well out of sight.

◆ Wide viewing angle (175°). True colour reproduction from any angle.

◆ Waterproof and durable.

◆ Can be cut to any shape and size.

How to select right projection film?

Transparent (Clear) Film:

It is an almost transparent rear projection film that provides a bright and holographic looking image when being projected on, and is virtually see-through when the projector is off. It can be applied to any clear surface including glass, acrylic and plexiglass for a cutting edge and unique floating image display right on your glass. It offers a next generation look to any content, either full motion video or static images will float on your clear glass or acrylic giving you what many describe as a holographic look and feel to your content. Please note: It is best suited for controlled lighting conditions or for shop windows that will be projected on from dusk to dawn. It has been a top seller of ours for years because of the versatility.

Dark Grey rear projection foil:

It is darker film, offering the highest contrast, reduced hot-spotting, and great viewing angles. So the images is the clearest.

Please note: If there is strong daylight,  it will be the best choice when you are planning a display outdoor.

Black rear projection foil:

The darkest of the films, It is an almost black, high-contrast rear projection screen with a wide viewing angle. Great color contrast and rich, deep blacks make this screen exceptional. Engineered to reduce hot-spotting, It has a high-tack adhesive great for bonding directly onto glass or acrylic and a protection layer for easy installation.


Please note:  It can do rear projection and front projection.The Images can be viewed and projected on from both sides.

Please note: All films  have an adhesive layer! It is easy to put onto any glass.

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