Outdoor LED Display

Today’s world has become so overwhelming, offering loads of adverts and information every time. Outdoor Led displays have become an incredible way to attract attention and interest to showcase an important message to the target group in an eye-catching manner.

outdoor led display


Conventional, static advertising doesn’t the same effect on people as it used to have. World can be overwhelming, offering a huge load of information every second. This has desensitize people, who aren’t paying attention and just forget what have seen or read.

Latest market studies have found that broadcasting advertising on outdoor screens is much more effective than traditional advertising printed media (newspapers, static boards, etc). This is the reason behind the growing of the number of digital screens on the streets. LED screens are cost-effective, reliable an offer a high return of your investment.

Outdoor led displays are large billboards made to display advertising, any kind of video, and more. They can be placed in any open-air area thanks to their modular assembling system


Almost any business can benefit from purchasing a LED screen. Engagement is the key to attract new customers, even more so in a noisy and crowded environment. A LED billboard is the perfect way to put your business’ name inside the mind of potential consumers. If you are part of an advertising company, then a giant outdoor LED display is a must. However, any institution or business with an empty facade or wall can install a LED display and turn this space into the best way to display products, services, and any information related to your corporation.

Dubaidigi is distributor of  outdoor LED display and indoor LED display and LED display accessories like video controller, video processor, receive and send cards and indoor LED modules from 0.9mm pixel pitch to 10mm pixel pitches . DTL is distributor of LED screen and LED video wall in  UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, ..) all GCC countries , Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and all Africa countries.

For any enquiries of Modules, fixed cabinets , rental cabinets, and LED accessories in indoor LED display.

Outdoor LED Display

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