LED Display

The phrase ‘LED display‘ is often used broadly to describe screens on a wide range of devices. This includes commercial and consumer technology such as TVs, mobile phones, and PC monitors.

These high-resolution LED displays tend to use highly dense diode arrays – often numbering in the thousands – to control illumination and colour cycling across millions of individual pixels. This allows for the rendering of highly detailed moving images at pixel densities of up to 4k and beyond.

However, in engineering component terms, the definition of an LED display is more commonly taken to be a discrete light-up readout board. Often relatively small and simple, they are designed to be attached to an instrument panel or mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB). The purpose of these types of LED displays is typically just to provide clear and concise information readout for the user.

Such LED displays are often designed around the classic segmented number format. Other more advanced models may use a range of alternative display styles and diode configurations, including popular versions sold with either dot matrix or light bar arrays.

Here is some of the best products we can offer you related to LED display

indoor led display

Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED screens are specially designed for those shops and businesses with big window displays and those who want an outstanding storefront.
LED screens have great brightness and large size, making them eye-catching to any potential customer and passerby. Old conventional TVs are being replaced by stunning LED screens, not only because TVs are pretty small in proportion to shop windows, but also because its poor visibility in well-lit areas.

outdoor led display

Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED screens offer a fantastic way to advertise, inform or display any chosen content outdoors, helping to catch audiences and passersby you may not have reached otherwise. With its high brightness specification, the screen delivers a fantastic image to these audiences, even in low visibility, serving as a great form of representation for your brand, product or service in a passive and stylish way. These screens can even help to keep people safe, offering important information to passers by when needed

transparent LED display

Transparent LED Display

Create a high quality experience for customers of your restaurants, bars and lounges with digital signage that displays menu options and drives sales in a dynamic and captivating way.

Cube LED display

Customized Shaped LED

The screens come complete with a framed or frameless Mirror Overlay meaning the display integrates perfectly with any modern or traditional interior and when turned off, the screen disguises itself as a mirror!