Touch Panels

Building your own touchscreen has been quite the hype on the interwebs. The DIY projects out there can be very good and it does not have to be that expensive. Add the rise of the ‘smartphone’ and possibilities are endless.

DTL is touch screen specialist. One of his projects is the now famous ‘interactive multitouch cocktail bar’. This nifty project is expensive to say the least and presumable in most cases only for professional use (for clubs and bars etc). But don’t be fooled, even this table runs on software you can download for free. (VVVV more info below) Also be sure to check out B-film, a collab between Leisure-B and Tonfilm who use VVVV and touch screens in their live set up.

Here is some of the best products we can offer you related to touch panels

IR Touch frame
Infrared touch screens are based on light-beam interruption technology. Instead of an overlay on the surface, a frame surrounds the display. The frame has light sources, or light emitting diodes (LEDs) on one side and light detectors on the opposite side, creating an optical grid across the screen
PCAP touch panel

PCAP technology is a newer variation of the commonly used capacitive touch sensors. Combining the same grid-patterned electrode style of traditional capacitive sensors results in a high-resolution, fast, and intuitively responsive touch screen that can be used with even laminated glass

interactive touch foil technology transforms any glass or acrylic surface into a touch screen making them the ideal choice for interactive window displays.The optically clear touch foil is manufactured with an electrostatic cling liner laminated to the surface, making it ideal for both permanent and temporary installations