Capacitive Touch foil

Projective Capacitive touch foil screen (P-CAP, Pro-Cap or PCAP touch screens) sensors function by maintaining a standing electrical charge across the sensor that extends through a contact surface, where changes in the electrical charge caused by the proximity of other capacitive bodies (such as touch stylus, fingers etc.) can be detected by a touch controller.

Due to the glass surface, the PCAP touch screens are particularly scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with all cleaning agents – an important advantage in hygienically sensitive areas.

Capacitive Touch foil
PCAP Touchscreens

We are one of the leading suppliers of customized PCAP solutions with design and development in UAE and GCC countries like UAE,Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,Oman,Qatar.

Projected capacitive touch screens are usually briefly called PCAP touch screens. They are robust, can be easily equipped with protective glass and feature multi-touch function for up to 40 fingers, enabling gesture control.

PCAP touch screens are equipped with a network of electrodes (Metal Mesh, Silver Nanowire, ITO) that project an electromagnetic field that also passes through a thick protective glass. If this field changes at one point due to a touching finger or a stylus, the touch position is calculated and forwarded to the controller. Drag & drop, zoom, rotate or scroll via gesture control is possible.

Due to the glass surface, the Capacitive touch foil screens are particularly scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with all cleaning agents – an important advantage in hygienically sensitive areas.

With special protective glasses, the touch screens are vandal-proof and can be used in public areas. However, the number of touch points may vary depending on the strength of the protective glass used. PCAP touch screens are perfect for modern True Flat designs, as known from smartphones or tablet PCs, and thus ensure an appealing device design. We can offer the capacitive touch foil touchscreens also optically bonded as a unit with a protective glass and / or a TFT display.

We provide our own series PCAP touch screens and those from DMC in sizes from 1,77″ to 86″ (4.5cm to 218.44cm).