Holobox /Transparent LCD Showcase

See through LCD

Based on state-of-the-art LCD technology we have launched a transparent LCD display. This unique display allows you to combine physical objects with full-color video content.

The see-through display opens a world of opportunities for creating powerful effects to make your products come alive.

With the ability to combine a physical product with dynamic motion graphics, the transparent LCD showcase gets a ton of attention and is a technology we love to show off. When no content is visible the screen is like a window, allowing you to see the product positioned behind it. Digital content can then be designed and developed around the object, to create a multi-layered visual experience. Touch screen capabilities take the experience a step further, introducing a deeper level of interactivity and engagement.

These transparent digital displays “transparent lcd showcases” can be built into customized acrylic or metal casings, which allows brands to showcase their actual product inside the display box whilst surrounding it with their digital media content.  The limit to this amazing new technology is your imagination.

Transparent digital displays can also be supplied as a stand-alone screen to allow the user to integrate the transparent screen into their own display, or they are available already integrated into a customized casing.

Our Commercial Advertising Digital Signage Transparent LCD Display Cabinet with a transparent screen, allows you to display information/promotions on the Digital display, while allowing the customers to see the product, but the product on display stays protected from damage and theft.

Whether it is promoting your product’s features or integrating other marketing media, a transparent LCD display gives you a wealth of options. Talk with a representative to learn more about our custom options.

Using a transparent LCD display case revolutionizes the retail and POP landscape. The benefit of transparent LCD screens is that you can market to potential customers, and strengthen the customers’ experience on product awareness with a combination of dynamic digital assets and the actual product on display.

The transparent LCD display has a high transparency rate, which enables a person to look right through the panel like glass, and it consumes 90% less electricity compared with a conventional LCD panel using back light unit.
Holobox Transparent lcd

The Holobox Transparent LCD showcase- is a versatile and attention-grabbing way to advertise a Company (or) Product, publicize an event or simply add some added aesthetic appeal to a public space. This cutting-edge technology makes the inside exhibit be seen while the pictures or videos are displayed. To attract customer’s attention on product brand with the combination of dynamic information and the actual product display. Load up your Transparent LCD display with all your branded content. Interactive displays promise unprecedented engagement with customers. They’re so unique that customers will remember your display long after they walk away.

Holobox 2 boxes
Transparent LCD Displays can be manufactured in a variety of configurations to create truly exciting and unique product presentations. Our Design Team will work with you to develop a Display sure to impress and leave the public talking about your products and your Brand. Please contact a representative for help with designing your next Transparent LCD Display.


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