DTL Digital Display Products

When image experience matters

digital signage

Digital Signage

Distributing of best digital signage products such as kiosks,stands, wall mount signage, digital posters, transparent LCD and etc

interactive table DTL

Interactive Table

DTL offer interactive table for restaurants , malls, and airports — offers customers a state-of-the-art ordering system, entertainment and a new way of communication.

DTL Video Wall

LCD Video Wall

We have LCD video wall solution from best well known screen makers like LG, Samsung, NEC with different sizes and different bezel

LED Display

LED Display

Best quality of indoor and outdoor LED displays with from 0.7mm dot pitch, also customized flexible LED using for special projects.

DTL Ineractive Whieboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Highest quality of interactive flat panels using for education and meeting room with special pen from size of 55 to 100 inches

Hologram Fan Product

Hologram FAN

This product is new technology for attractive 3d video on the air, we offer solo and video wall mode with size of 42cm to 200cm.

Customized Solutions

DTL team offer businesses a state of art solutions in digital signage based on their ideas and corporate mission and give them the best appropriate products.


DTL connected to biggest vendors of digital products in the world and will support you with lowest price you can never find. We also offer promotional sales time by time from big vendors, keep in touch.

Pre-Sales Design

DTL pre-sales team across assist in selecting the best products for an environment and application. We are connected to hundreds of vendors across the world and know which product with best possible quality fit your expenses.

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Tailored Solution

Our professional team is ready to provide a constantly evolving portfolio of digital products with competitive prices through constructive interaction with best producers all around the world.

Our extensive product range encompasses signage, video walls, monitors, touch panels, interactive table, hologram fan, LED displays and more from the world biggest manufacturers including LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Microsoft and etc

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if you are looking for FMCG products in digital world get an enquiry from us, we will give the most competitive prices.