What is a touch foil?

Capacitive touch screens are control displays that utilise the electrical properties of the human body as input. When a finger (or specialised input device, such as stylus) comes in contact with the display it detects when and where on the display the user touches it.
An Interactive Touch Foil is a retrofit through-glass touch foil that can be applied to a glass or acrylic surface to instantly turn any display into an interactive screen.

This transparent touch film can be combined with LCD / LED displays or Rear Projection Film creating a versatile touch screen solution for a wide range of applications. The foil has an electrostatic cling adhesive making installation to glass simple, and is the ideal choice for both permanent and temporary installations.

Our PCAP Interactive Touch Foils are available in single touch formats which operate through glass thicknesses up to 20mm or multi-touch format which operate through glass thicknesses up to 12mm. Please note, we recommend toughened or laminated glass and don’t guarantee performance through double glazed glass with an air gap between the glass panels.

This glass touch screen technology can be integrated for a wide range of applications including retail store windows, touch tables, gaming, ATM’s, freestanding kiosks and totems and touch control panels.

Our Interactive Projection Film is an innovative fusion of our PCAP touch foil with a selection of our bestselling projection films, together creating a rear projection powered interactive window screen. Like our standard touch foil, our Interactive Projection Foil uses through glass touch capabilities to function and can be retrofitted to any existing toughened or laminated glass surface.

Our rear projection touch films are available with single, dual and multi-touch functionality in sizes up to 86” as standard with custom sizes available on request up to 98”. These interactive touch films are ideal for window displays that experience high levels of traffic outside opening hours, encouraging engagement and promoting your brand whilst keeping all valuables protected and hidden inside.

What is a touch foil

Supply your customers with the best  transparent touch foil from Dadgar LLC, one of the UAE’s best marketplaces. Our options include touch screen monitors for pc, portable touch screen monitors and more so they can start tapping and pinching their screens right away.

When choosing the best touch screen monitor for their needs, customers will look at a variety of factors. Firstly, there are large touch screens available but the maximum that is comfortable for use with hands is a 32 inch touchscreen monitor. Any bigger than that and customers will not be able to reach the four corners. These transparent touch foil are best used for visual artists to draw on and video editors.

You can also look at portable monitor touchscreens which run from the laptops battery and are small transparent touch foil. They can also be used for projects involving single board computers. Additionally, we also have a lot of options for smart tv touch screens which are great to incorporate into home entertainment systems and allow users to surf the net, send messages on more right from their living room.

Look through dubaidigi.com listings for touch screen panels and find the perfect one for your customers. Start ordering today from our suppliers and ask them for more information if needed.