Which Type of LED Display Cabinet Is Better?

There are many types of LED Display cabinets. Such as Iron LED cabinets & Aluminum LED cabinets & Die-casting LED cabinets with some other material. DTL tells you how to Choose LED display cabinet for your LED advertising screen.

Which Type of LED Display Cabinet Is Better?

LED display cabinets are the main part that allows led display manufacturers to assemble all the LED display components such as LED modules/Unit boards, Power supplies, Receiving cards etc. How to select the right led cabinet, can improve your LED screen’s cost and performance.

With the increasing popularity of outdoor LED displays by customers, customers’ product needs have also changed. When choosing LED display products, they are more inclined to choose LED display products that can meet their more diversified and personalized needs. Just like the research and development of alternative materials for an LED display cabinet, although so many new materials have emerged, many people in the industry are still exploring other new LED display cabinet materials with higher reliability and higher cost performance. Screen companies must pay attention to and seize new development opportunities in real time-actively research and develop new LED display products, to continuously improve and open up new LED advertising display markets.

1. Function of the LED Display Cabinet

1.1- Fixing function:

For internal fixing of LED display components such as LED modules/Unit boards, Power supplies, Receiving card, all components must be fixed inside the LED cabinet to facilitate the connection of the entire LED display, and external fixing of the LED display frame structure or outdoor LED display advertising billboard steel structure.

1.2- Protection function:

To protect the electronic components inside from the interference of the external environment, can protect all the LED display components and have a good protective effect.

2. Classification of LED Display Cabinets

2.1- Iron LED Display Cabinet

The iron LED display cabinet is the most widely used on led cabinet. It is characterized by good sealing and affordable prices. The disadvantages are heavyweight, poor accuracy, and insufficient strength. Because the iron LED display cabinet is generally used for outdoor large LED screens advertising billboard structure.

2.2- Die-cast Aluminum LED Display Cabinet

The die-cast aluminum LED display cabinet is light in weight, reasonable in structure, high in precision, and can basically realize seamless splicing. The latest die-cast aluminum full color LED display is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional LED display cabinet but also has been fully optimized and updated in terms of structure and performance. It is a compact indoor rental LED display made of patents, with high splicing accuracy and disassembly. Maintenance is extremely convenient.

The die-cast aluminum LED display cabinet is formed by a mold at one time, the flatness of the LED cabinet body is more guaranteed, the tolerance range is effectively controlled, and the problem of the LED display cabinet seam is basically solved; the humanized design, the installation is more convenient, and the lighter, the cabinet seam and the connection line are connected More reliable; lighter weight, adopts hoisting structure, installation is more convenient and firmer; adopts imported power connector, connection, safer and more reliable; signal and power connection between cabinets adopt concealed connection, and nothing can be seen after installation Traces of connecting wires.

2.3- Carbon Fiber LED Display Cabinet

The carbon fiber LED cabinet is designed with ultra-thin, lightweight, good strength, 1500kg tensile strength, and a weight of only 9.4kg per square meter. It adopts a fully modular design, which is more convenient for maintenance. The 45-degree right-angle edge can realize 90-degree splicing and installation of the LED screen. At the same time, it provides a non-transparent back panel, which is suitable for large-area installation in stadiums and outdoor LED advertising screen.

2.4- Magnesium Alloy LED Display Cabinet

Magnesium alloys are alloys based on magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are low density, high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater impact load capacity than aluminum alloy, and good resistance to organics and alkali corrosion. Magnesium alloy used as an LED display cabinet is cost-effective, easy to install, and excellent heat dissipation makes the product more market advantages.

Magnesium Alloy LED Display Cabinet. Save the costs on steel structure and air conditioning. Low heat, heat dissipation without air-conditioning, zero noise, enhance the life span of display. Aluminum ensures smooth operation and maintenance. Only 30 kg allows in saving shipping cost, installation cost.

Super high refreshment, remove the double image, with no loss technology, solve the problem of the industry.

2.5- Nano polymer material LED Display Cabinet

The shape of the nano polymer material has the characteristics of shock resistance and drop resistance. It is characterized by being very light, relatively cheap compared to die-cast aluminum LED Display Cabinet, simple in loading and unloading, light in handling, low in transportation costs, and low in cost.

The above is the analysis of the characteristics of the five main LED Display Cabinet of the led display screen. In the application, the suitable cabinet can be selected according to the specific needs.