Video Wall LCD

Using multiple ultra-narrow bezel LCD screens working in tandem, DTL video wall display solutions offer businesses the best way of how to set up a seamless video wall easily to make an immediate impact in public spaces by creating impactful and eye-catching content that draws the viewer’s attention at first glance. At the same time, the narrow bezel display design also allows businesses to optimize their creativity and messaging by delivering enhanced real-time visuals beyond that which is available with single-display digital signage.
Furthermore, from massive panels deployments to more intimate setups, the scalability of the solutions guarantees that businesses can create customized video walls that suit their needs.

  • With the thinnest bezel and outstanding image quality in the industry of Video Wall LCD, this Video Wall LCD is capable of displaying different content in different modes according to the real need of users, like showing big pictures or videos. Besides, Video Wall LCD is especially suitable for those high-end sites including the tremendous shopping center and meeting room, etc.
  • Any configuration for this Video Wall LCD is supported, such as 2*2, 3*3, 1*6, 4*5, and so on. The intelligent temperature control enables this industrial display to work around the clock in a commercial application. Furthermore, a Virtually seamless appearance with a bezel screen is offering the great services of the HD solution and Ultra-wide angle of view as well as the display information as clear crisp, and vivid HD video images.
lcd super narrow


  • Ultra narrow bezel
  • Display information as clear, crisp, vivid HD video images
  • With the indurstry’s thinnest bezel and outstandign image quality.
  • HD Resolution
  • Ultra wide Angle of View
  • Intelligent Temperature Control

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