What is Rear Projection Film technique?

Rear projection film, also known as rear projection screen, is a special type of screen used in a film technique called rear projection (also known as background projection or process photography).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Projector and Screen: A projector is positioned behind a translucent screen.
  2. Reversed Image: The projector displays a reversed image (sometimes called a “plate”) of the background scene.
  3. Foreground Actors: In front of the screen, actors perform their scene.
  4. Combined Image: The light from the projector passes through the translucent screen, illuminating the background scene for the camera positioned in front of the actors. The camera captures a combined image of the actors in the foreground and the projected background.

Benefits of Rear Projection Film:

  • Simple and Cost-Effective: Compared to more complex techniques like green screens, rear projection can be a simpler and more budget-friendly way to achieve certain background effects.
  • Real-Time Lighting: Since the background scene is pre-filmed or a still image, lighting on the actors can be adjusted in real-time without affecting the background.

Limitations of Rear Projection Film:

  • Limited Depth Perception: The flatness of the screen can limit the illusion of depth in the final image.
  • Moiré Patterns: Interference between the projector’s light pattern and the screen’s weave can sometimes create unwanted moiré patterns.
  • Resolution Limitations: The resolution of the projected image is limited by the projector and film quality.

HOLOGRAM REAR PROJECTION FILM creates a high-definition image to allow viewing audience to experience a vivid image (see through) and an unreal image (look at) through the screen. Rear projection film performs exceptionally well even in high ambient lighting or bright daylight conditions. It is made of high-quality polyester film, Durable more than 5 years.

our company has three kind of colors foil : dark grey, transparent and black for customers to choose. it is made of high quality polyester film from Korea country, which can be used for many applications.

Rear projection film are in different color which use for different usage, the rear projection film we offer are black, dark grey and clear.

If you want to do rear projection foil project, you can book a consultation for free with our professional team.

rear projection film
rear projection film

Primary applications for rear projection foil:

  •  Window Projection Display
  •  Point of Sale
  •  Exhibitions
  •  Entertainment Events
  •  Boardroom Presentations
  •  Shopping Malls
  •  Sports arena
  •  Retail & Department store
  •  Museums
rear projection film