Samsung HG75AU800 75″ Hospitality Display

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Luxury 4K UHD Hospitality TV for Guest Engagement

  • Enhance content with 4K UHD Crystal Display for perfect picture quality.
  • Slim design that complements any interior while saving space.
  • Centralized management of hotel displays worldwide.
  • Optimize promotions and offers using personalized guest insights.
  • Customize content and empower system integrators to build web applications.


Samsung HG75AU800 75-inch Hospitality Display: Elevate Your Guest Experience with a Luxurious 75-Inch Hospitality Display

Immerse your guests in a world of entertainment and information with the Samsung HG75AU800 75-inch Hospitality Display, a premium 75-inch hospitality display designed to enhance the guest experience in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality settings.

Unparalleled Viewing Experience:

  • Crystal Clear 4K UHD Resolution: Showcase stunning visuals with four times the resolution of Full HD. Razor-sharp text, incredibly lifelike images, and captivating videos ensure your guests enjoy exceptional entertainment.
  • Dynamic Crystal Color: Experience a vibrant spectrum of colors with Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Color technology. Over a billion shades are reproduced with exceptional accuracy, creating a truly immersive and realistic viewing experience.
  • Slim & Modern Design: The sleek and modern design of the HG75AU800 complements any space, seamlessly integrating with your hotel’s décor while delivering a luxurious feel.

Enhanced Guest Convenience:

  • Smart Hospitality Platform: Manage content and settings remotely with ease. The built-in Smart Hospitality Platform allows you to personalize welcome messages, display hotel information, and manage channel lineups, ensuring a seamless guest experience.
  • IPTV Compatibility: Integrate seamlessly with existing IPTV systems. The Samsung HG75AU800 75-inch Hospitality Display supports various IPTV protocols, allowing you to offer guests access to their favorite channels and on-demand content.
  • Screen Mirroring: Guests can easily mirror content from their smartphones and tablets to the display using the built-in screen mirroring functionality. This allows them to enjoy their own entertainment options on the large screen.

Streamlined Hotel Management:

  • WoLynk DRM Content Security: Ensure content security with WoLynk DRM technology. This advanced security system protects your content from unauthorized access, providing peace of mind for your hotel.
  • Pro:Idiom Compatibility: Simplify content deployment and management with Pro:Idiom compatibility. This industry-standard protocol allows you to manage content across multiple displays efficiently.
  • 24/7 Operation: The HG75AU800 is rigorously tested for continuous operation, ensuring reliable performance around the clock. Perfect for hotel rooms that require extended display uptime.

Invest in the Samsung HG75AU800 75-inch Hospitality Display and create a truly exceptional guest experience. This premium display offers stunning visuals, effortless content management, and features designed to enhance guest convenience and satisfaction.

Upgrade your hospitality experience. Order your Samsung HG75AU800 75-inch Hospitality Display today!

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