Samsung Flip pro WM75B

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Samsung Flip Pro WM75B

Deliver a new, advanced level of learning for the future of education

  • Drawing experience with 2,048 points of pressure with industry-best latency at just 26ms
  • A real-world writing experience with pen and brush mode, quick tool and palette
  • Multiple connectivity including USB, HDMI, DP and OPS slot and easy screen sharing via wireless
  • Versatile learning experience with Boxlight or Video call applications


The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B is a cutting-edge digital flipchart designed to revolutionize collaboration and communication in various professional settings. With its advanced features and intuitive design, it offers a seamless and interactive experience for brainstorming, presenting, and collaborating.

Key Features:
1. Display: The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B features a large 75-inch UHD display that delivers crisp and vibrant visuals. The display provides a spacious canvas for content creation and viewing, ensuring clarity and detail in presentations.

2. Pen and Touch Interaction: The flipchart offers both pen and touch interaction, allowing users to write, draw, and navigate through content with precision and ease. The included passive pen provides a natural writing experience, while touch gestures enable effortless navigation and manipulation of content.

3. Versatile Flip Stand: The flipchart comes with a versatile stand that allows it to be tilted to various angles, offering flexible viewing and writing positions. Users can adjust the tilt to their preference, providing comfort during long sessions and accommodating different collaboration scenarios.

4. Multi-User Collaboration: The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B supports multi-user collaboration, enabling multiple participants to contribute simultaneously. Users can write, draw, and make annotations on the screen using different colors and pen thicknesses, fostering interactive and dynamic discussions.

5. Easy Content Sharing: The flipchart offers seamless content sharing capabilities, allowing users to import and export content from various sources. It supports wireless connectivity, enabling users to share content from their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Additionally, the flipchart can save and export content in various formats for easy distribution.

6. Integrated Connectivity: The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B features a range of integrated connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, and NFC, allowing effortless connection to external devices and peripherals. This facilitates the integration of additional content sources and enhances overall usability.

7. Smart Features and Software: The flipchart is equipped with smart features and software to enhance productivity and collaboration. It includes a built-in web browser, screen mirroring, and document viewing capabilities. Additionally, the flipchart supports real-time syncing and cloud storage integration, enabling easy access and sharing of content.

8. Secure and Portable: The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B prioritizes data security with its Knox security system, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected. Furthermore, the flipchart’s lightweight and portable design make it easy to move and set up in different meeting rooms or collaboration spaces.

The Samsung Flip Pro WM75B is a powerful digital flipchart that combines high-quality visuals, interactive features, and seamless collaboration capabilities. It offers a dynamic platform for teams to ideate, present, and collaborate effectively, transforming the way information is shared and communicated in professional environments.

Specifications for the Samsung Flip Pro WM75B:

  1. Display: 75-inch UHD display
  2. Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  3. Pen and Touch Interaction: Supports pen and touch input
  4. Stand: Adjustable flip stand for flexible viewing and writing positions
  5. Multi-User Collaboration: Allows multiple users to contribute simultaneously
  6. Connectivity: USB, HDMI, NFC for easy connectivity
  7. Smart Features: Built-in web browser, screen mirroring, document viewing
  8. Security: Knox security system for data protection
  9. Portability: Lightweight and portable design
  10. Software: Real-time syncing, cloud storage integration

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